Get Electrified at the Credit Union

Did you know you could increase your "electronics"usage and actually save energy?! With all the options you have for depositing to, withdrawing from, and accessing your account via electronic means, there's no doubt you'll save time and energy.

Direct Deposit- an automatic deposit of your recurring check (pay, pension, Social Security, etc.).

Remote Deposit AFCU Phone Application (AFCU Smart Phone or Tablet Application)- No need to make a trip to the Credit Union office to deposit your check.

Electronic Debit /Bill Pay ($5.00 per month)- an automatic withdrawal from your account for payment of premiums, dues or other regular obligations. Not only do you save energy by not having to write a check, but you save on postage, too!

Audio Response/Online Banking AFCU Phone Application – with the help of your touch-tone telephone, smart phone, tablet, or computer, you can access your account anytime day or night for balance information, account history, withdrawal requests, transfers and loan payments. Do your Credit Union business from the comfort of your home or office when it's convenient for you.

ATM Card – better known as your VISA┬« Debit Card, this allows you to get cash and make purchases at star and all point networks nationwide. The ultimate convenience to access your account 24 hours a day wherever you may be! Daily limits: 3pm to 3pm 10 swipes, $1,000.00 purchases and $300.00 withdrawal from the ATM machine.

Power up with the Credit Union Call us for details on any of these every saving services.

* Any problems with holiday purchases online contact the credit union at (610) 820-8440

Are You Current?

Are You Current?

According to a federal study, more than 25% of homes in the United States now have only a wireless phone, and no “landline.” As that number continues to grow, we want to make sure that we can reach you in case of fraud alerts for your debit or credit card(s). In order to protect your identity, the credit union is alerted by our card processor to any sudden changes in activity. When this happens we need to be able to contact you immediately to verify these transactions. By providing your cell phone number as your primary contact number, we’ll be able to review your activity with you without delay. If we are unable to reach you, your card may be blocked temporarily.

Trying To Rebuild Or Start Your Credit?

Trying To Rebuild Or  Start Your Credit?

People who are just starting out to establish their credit, or those trying to rebuild their credit history after a financial crisis, need special help when they need to borrow money. Your credit union is here to help. How? With a secured loan. Paying your loan back in full and on time establishes a credit history, so that in the future you can be considered for an unsecured loan, such as a signature loan or credit card.

Rebuilding or starting a credit history takes a little time, so you need to be patient. If you need credit and have no history or are challenged by recent financial troubles, see your credit union first. We may be able to help you with a secured loan.

Disasters Happen, Be Prepared!

No one wants to believe it can
happen to them, but we all need to be prepared should disaster strike. Here’s a list of what you can do now to help make picking up the pieces after a tornado, flood, or fire
a little easier:

  • Set aside some emergency cash in a safe place.
  • Invest in a fire-safe box and store copies of important papers inside.
  • Make a list of all financial account numbers and contact numbers
  • of your lenders and financial institutions and keep it in a secure location. Also, consider creating a password-protected document on your cell phone and storing these contact numbers in your phone's contact list as backup.
  • Make photocopies of important papers and double bag them in zip-top plastic storage bags.
  • Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Credit cards and checkbooks should be divided among a couple of family members so that if disaster finds you in separate locations, the other person won’t be left without resources.