ATTENTION: FYI:  Regarding VISA Debit Transactions, please be aware that some merchants will hold double the amount charged. It is in your best interest to verify transactions in your account to see if it was held twice. We are not responsible for any Overdrafts.

Friendly Reminder: The Credit Union does not ask for your card information when contacting you about Fraud. They will have your information on file, you should just need to respond by saying yes or no to the transaction. Please do not give any account information out. If you have any concerns contact the Credit Union.

Current Members

Members and their families gain a lifetime financial partner when they open an account and enjoy opportunities to earn higher-than –average dividends on their savings and pay lower interest rates for lending and credit cards. Allentown FCU also has some of the most advanced secure technology for online banking and is federal insured to provide peace of mind for the safety of your deposits.