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Share and Share Draft Fees

Account Reconciliation$25.00/hr
Certified Share Draft$2.00
Check OrdersVaried
Copies of Share Drafts$2.00
Account History$2.00
Overdrafts(drafts presented for payment against insufficientor uncollected funds)$30.00
ACH Overdrafts$30.00
Return check charge/Redeposit$5.00
Research Time($7.50 minimum plus $0.50 per copy)$25.00/hr
Stop Payment – single share draft$30.00
Reestablish Membership if account was closed within one year$10.00
Collection Fees for charged off share debit$15.00


Expedite Card Delivery$15.00
Card Replacement$10.00
Late Payment fee $25.00
Temporary increase of line of credit$20.00
Return check charge on payment$30.00
Research fee(items for dispute that exceeds 63 days after appearing on first bill)$50.00

VISA® Debit Cards/ATM

Withdrawal at Allpoint network machineN/C
Withdrawal at ATM (International)$2.00
Replacement for lost or damaged card$10.00
ATM – POS Overdrafts$30.00
Temporary increase of VISA limit$20.00


Money Orders$1.00
Wire Transfers – Outgoing$7.00
Wire Transfers - International$25.00
Online – Home BankingFREE
Online – Bill Payment – Monthly$5.00