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10 Home Winterization Tips from Your Credit Union

Do away with drafts.
One of the easiest ways to prepare your home for winter is to block drafty openings. Some of the culprits that allow cold air into your home include window and door frames, recessed lighting, and electrical outlets.

Halt the heater.
By using supplemental sources of heat, and layering up, you can actually decrease the use of your traditional heater. For example, if you have electric heat, a gas fire place or wood burning stove can provide enough warmth to allow you to actually turn your heater off. On average, an alternate heat source can result in a $100-$300 cut in your monthly energy bill.

Be on thermostat watch.
At certain times of the day, when you leave home and at bedtime, it makes good sense to lower the heat. Programmable thermostats range from $50-$90 will help get your temperature schedule up and running. You’ll be saving money with every degree that you lower your thermostat.

Do a furnace check-up.
Your furnace shouldn’t produce any long-lasting or strong odors – this is the first sign that it needs a professional tune-up. Make sure the filters are being changed or cleaned monthly, for better airflow and less energy demand. If you have an old furnace that has to be replaced, a great option is an Energy Star-certified unit. And research any federal tax credits which may cover up to $1,500 of your furnace purchase!

Insulate away!
There are several places in your home that if properly insulated, will help keep it significantly warmer during the winter months -- windows, walls, attics, and basements. Adding insulation between walls, to the attic floor, and the basement ceiling will help you to save money and energy.

Reverse the fans.
Ceiling fans are a great cooling tool during the summer, but they can also help keep your home warmer in the winter. By reversing the direction of your fans’ blades and using a clockwise rotation (rather than counterclockwise) they will help push warm air that has risen downward throughout the rest of the room(s).

Do a gutter clean out.
Make sure any gunk from leftover autumn leaves and the like are not blocking the gutters of your home. Winter precipitation will be able to drain more easily, limiting clogs, back-ups, and ultimately seepage into your home. Take this opportunity to ensure that pipes and downspouts are in the proper positions for carrying water away from your home to avoid flooding.

Do some ductwork.
It’s important to check and clean your home’s ductwork to ensure that it’s functioning properly. Exposed ducts should be repaired if pinched pipes or gaps are found. In order to keep ducts free of debris and your family free of respiratory illness and allergies, it’s also a good idea to vacuum or professionally clean your ducts every few years.

Wrap those pipes.
By insulating pipes, you will lessen the chances of having them freeze or burst. You’ll also help keep your water hotter with less energy; same theory goes for your hot water heater. Simply drain any hoses and air conditioner pipes, turn off exterior water spigots, seal any leaks, and remove air conditioning window units to avoid drafts. Also locate other pipes that pass through unheated spaces and make sure they are insulated

Stay warm, save energy, and think Spring!

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